Examining Scholarly Identity Through Auto-Fiction: A Court Jester’s Tale

Denise McDonald


This auto-fictitious narrative is an existential and political exploration of scholarly identity transformation of a teacher educator in academia.  Set within a parallel, metaphorical kingdom, identity is examined through the author's actions, interactions and experiences with others in a fictional setting.  Narratives, in storytelling formats, establish agency of self and provide "voice" to be freely expressed, most notably for those who experience marginalization where their thoughts and ideas have been mitigated within traditional institutional environments and dialogues. Expressed in a humorous, somewhat deliberately mischievous manner, the polyphonic self in this story reflects on relational power and academic identity within the university environment.  This descriptive piece adds discussion to existing organizational research through presentation of a fictional piece for examining how one may self-construct identity within a hegemonic work setting.


narrative; auto-fiction; marginalized identity

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