A Story-in-the-making: An Intertextual Exploration of a Multivoiced Narrative

Michał Izak


The following study will explore the stories which are not told – that is, it will scrutinize the process of intertextual emergence of an ultimately open story: one which has neither discernible authorship nor agenda and which remains in-the-making rather than strives to achieve closure. The paper will discuss the process in which multifaceted and multidirectional organizational stories are created, in which plots and characters exchange and ‘ending’ is defied. This lack of closure is perceived here as a breeding ground for networked meanings, which, if allowed to remain interdependent and plural, eschew the danger of a new organizational story becoming universal carrier of inflexibly established contents. Since the unifying semantic organizational frameworks (e.g. ‘success story’) may be construed as impostors attempting to ascribe both authorship and agency to a non- agentical and non-authored ‘untold story’, this study proposes one way in which multi- directedness and plurality of the story may be preserved. 


Intertextuality; Non-linearity; Open work; Story-in-the-making; Story matrix

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