Consentology, Heart-of-Care for Ivy DuRant’s Writing Covered- over by Academia

David Boje


Ivy DuRant passed away on December 18th 2011 at 10:15 PM. I am the mentor for her dissertation at Colorado Technical University. I wish to raise a question for ‘Consentology’ an original theory put forth by Krisha Johnson Coppedge, Ivy’s good friend, at the 2011international meetings of Research Methods Division of Academy of Management held in Lyon France. I want in this essay to give some sense of the Heart of Care we her colleagues have about getting Ivy’s writing into print, and interpreting it with genuine understanding of Ivy’s life-path, and her lifetime. This is therefore about ontology of life, her life, Being-here with us, for-a-while, and tarrying-a-while as Martin Heidegger (1962, 2009) puts it. 


Durant, Heart-of-care, Consentology

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