Photo Essay: After Life --- Survival of a Ph.D.

Joachim Maier


Ben Walker’s work (issue 4.2) is focusing on peculiar encounters within the process of writing seminar work. My big pictures will be relating to life after the accomplishment of an academic work: my PhD project at the Humanist University, Utrecht, Holland. My AFTER PhD LIFE displays the organising fabric of community --- through mean(ing)s of self-descriptive practices --- map-making, as Karl Weick would attribute similar kinds of radically contextualizing maneuvers. In order to answering the proverbial After Life (1998) quest follow up on what I have been doing: pick one image, the only image you can take to eternity! However, as you will experience in the course of Hirokazu Koreeda's movie: Imagining your coming memory takes careful preparation. But, don't be afraid --- everything is taken care of... 

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