Rhetorical Vision of the Independent and Sovereign Nation of Hawai'i: A Fantasy Theme Analysis

Darin Arsenault


The rtietorical vision of the independent Nation of Hawai'i, a sovereignty group seeking independence from the United States, was anaiyzed via fantasy theme anaiysis of two artifacts in their website. Spirit, Kupuna, and Liii'uokaiani symboiized positive dramatis personae themes; the United States Government and haoie invaders represented viiiains against Native Hawaiian peopie. Cuiturai preservation, poiiticai determination, and environmentai protection of aii Hawaiian 'aina is deemed paramount for Hawaiian survivai. This study demonstrates that the use of symboiic themes has been deveioped to persuade the public to support an Independent Nation of Hawaii, which is a symboiic vision of the futureĀ 

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