ENRON: Taking our cue from the world of object relations

Adrian Carr, Alexis Downs


Asaboy,summeringwithhisextendedfamilyinKennebunkpoti,Maine,GeorgeW.BushwasBoss Cousin: the oidest in a swarm of his own brothers (and sister) and the sons and daughters of his aunts and uncles. They played games all day, from tag to tennis to basketball. George, one of the players told me years later, very much liked to win — and, as oidest sibiings always do, wrote the ruies (or rewrote) them to guarantee it. That's the way he prefers to operate even now. Kart Rove, the president's longtime political consigllere, calls them 'game-changing moves'. Bush tikes to out- maneuver his foes by using his dout to change the game itself It's worked many times. (Fineman, 2002) 

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