Cyn Johnson


Thoughts… Death need not be a terrifying experience. Especially if you accept the theory that death is a transition instead of a finalization. Many things can kill us whether it is natural or unnatural. We can get hit be a car or blown away by a tornado. We can die of lung cancer or a nuclear attack. When many people die at once it takes many people to deal with the tragedy. Law enforcement and emergency medical workers make their living with clean-up efforts and keeping us safe. They save our lives on the street and health care workers save our lives in the hospital. The gift of life is extraordinary. In theory, if you donate an organ you can live on through others. 

This special issue explores the compassion, sensitivity, devastation, and celebration of death and dying and contains poetry. These writings are flexible and open to many avenues sharing the realm of the artistic with the academic. Death is a controversial subject. There are many questions and theories to be analyzed. Above all, there are more stories to be told! 

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