Practitioner Know Thyself! Reflections on the Importance of Self- Work For Diversity and Social Justice Practioners

Pamela Hopkins


In this essay, the author discusses the importance of self-work for diversity and social justice practitioners. In fact, she asserts that it is not only important for practitioners to increase their self-awareness; it is paramount to the success of the initiatives they are leading within any client system. As many organizations are still gripped by their fear of diversity efforts, the call for practitioners to embark on this in-depth exploration is loud and clear. Given the changed landscape from overt discrimination to covert forms of discrimination, this call to action includes being well versed in personal values, biases, assumptions, privileges and pain. The author articulates her point of view regarding these challenges as a scholarpractitioner, in an attempt to renew diversity consultant’s commitment to their own personal development.


Diversity practitioner; Personal development; Subtle discrimination; Micro aggressions; Cultural competency; OD practitioner

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