Theory-Practice Dialogue

I would like to invite to make a new type of submission to our Journal which would add to the Theory-Practice Dialogue. It is designed to give a forum for critical reflection and ideas which may not have been fully developed and give basis for additional exploration and investigation. This type of viewpoint articles should be covering issues important both for academics trying to make impact and practitioners reflecting on their experience and application of organisation theory.

Example of themes of interest for Theory-Practice Dialogue section are wide and can concern a range of topic, all of them being reflection on transection of  theory, practice; research, impact and policy.


1.     Impact of critical management studies on management practices

2.     Reflection on politics of research in academia and corporate world

3.     Practitioners’ theorised reflection on their work experience

4.     Bridging a gap of ‘it applies in theory but not in practice’

5.     Academics voicing results of their business and management research to influence policymakers.



In this section we accept shorter 'point-of-view' articles of 10-15 pages, or full-length ones of 20-25 pages. Please check standard guide for author for submission format. Any queries about this section of Tamara Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry should be sent to Malgorzata Ciesielska (m.ciesielska @

Theory-Practice Dialogue